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Browse this series of profiles showcasing real life and practical experiences of health care organizations that have successfully launched a National Diabetes Prevention program (National DPP) lifestyle change program.

Marshfield Clinic Health System 

In 2017, Marshfield Clinic Health System launched the pilot of its evidence-based lifestyle change program, “Prevent T2.” Prior to launch, dedicated members of Marshfield Clinic’s team worked to collect relevant health insights and used this information to engage and secure buy-in from the stakeholders necessary to ensure the program’s success and sustainability. The Wisconsin-based organization provides tips and information on how it was able to implement a successful program in this profile.

Hattiesburg Clinic Professional Association

Aiming to improve health outcomes for their patient population, the team at Hattiesburg Clinic in Forrest County, Mississippi launched its first National Diabetes Prevention Program lifestyle change program in 2018. The program launch relied heavily on physician buy-in and support, which was secured by in-person visits to local physicians, leading to many patient referrals. Physician support continued through the implementation stage, giving participants a chance to gauge health improvements and gain motivation.

North Mississippi Health Services

North Mississippi Health Services (NMHS) became interested in implementing a National Diabetes Prevention Program lifestyle change program in 2018 when a physician champion presented on the evidence supporting intensive lifestyle intervention for the prevention of diabetes. With engaged leaders from multiple segments of the organization, a project team brought the pilot to life in just a few months with a full cohort of participants. The success of the pilot paved the way for the development of an institutional diabetes prevention strategy at NMHS—including plans to expand to reach more patients, employers, health plan members, and other employers in the community. NHMS is also brainstorming ways to deliver the program to more people, including through virtual formats.

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