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Improving the health of the nation through diabetes prevention

Supporting your organization in diabetes prevention

AMA is making a difference in preventing type 2 diabetes by working with health care teams to implement a diabetes prevention strategy that includes National DPP lifestyle change programs.

Our approach engages health care teams and incorporates diabetes prevention into clinical practices.

The AMA team is here to support your organization in identifying patients with prediabetes and taking the appropriate actions to mitigate the onset of type 2 diabetes. The evidence-based National DPP lifestyle change program is a proven lifestyle change intervention.

Need guidance on how to implement a diabetes prevention program? Let us know how we can help support your needs.

Insights into implementation strategy

Diabetes prevention learning series

To support your efforts in implementing a diabetes prevention strategy that includes launching a lifestyle change program, we have created a free web-based group facilitated learning series featuring six modules. The learning series participants include project leads from health care organizations with similar diabetes prevention goals (cohort).

In this learning series, you will:

  • Work with an AMA team member assigned to guide the cohort through the planning and implementation effort

  • Share experiences among cohort participants about barriers, challenges and solutions

  • Engage directly with AMA subject matter experts

Throughout the series, organizations will be given key tasks in order to effectively implement the program and be provided tools and resources to aid in the implementation.


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